Coiled Tubing, Nitrogen & Pumping Services

MBPS has been providing Coiled Tubing and associated services for over 17 years gaining extensive experience within the region. MB maintains a fleet of equipment that enables us to meet and exceed our clients requirements.

MBPS has worked with several clients in the region providing a high quality service. We are renowned for being flexible and adaptable to meet the most demanding of challenges.

Our team consists of engineers, operations managers, field personnel and support personnel with over a century of combined experience delivering an exceptional service with a robust customer support.


MBPS owns and operates state-of-the-art Coiled Tubing units. It has the support of a highly professional and experienced crew, and integrated accesses to engineering and laboratory services, and chemicals. Training, Quality, and Health, Safety & Environment (QHSE) always remain top priority.

The focus on developing comprehensive in-house capability ensures the delivery of high quality and safety standards for our clients. The Coil Tubing, Nitrogen and Pumping operations are monitored and controlled by specialised applications using the latest computer software. In addition to standard coil tubing jobs, MBPS Coiled Tubing also provide the following services:

  • Stimulation treatments
  • Spotting temporary and permanent cement plugs
  • Squeezing operations for zone isolation / water or gas shut-off
  • Fishing / milling operations
  • Well killing
  • Sand cleanouts
  • Kicking off wells with Nitrogen
  • Memory and real time Logging
  • Running and pulling velocity strings
  • HPHT wells
  • Vertical and extended reach wells horizontal wells
  • Dual Completion wells


Pumping Services is provided in support of Coiled Tubing and Nitrogen Services, or used as a stand-alone service. Pumping units are both skid as well as truck-mounted and supported with specialised field equipment, such as acid mixing and transport equipment. Pumping Services are supported by a stimulation laboratory.

  • Acid stimulation treatments
  • Pressure integrity testing
  • Well killing operations
  • Pipeline flushing / testing
  • Scale inhibition treatments
  • Pressure testing
  • Well displacement
  • Pump support for coiled tubing operations


MBPS’ Nitrogen units are trailer mounted, each having 4000 gallons of LN2 capacity. Nitrogen pumping packages are also used for stand-alone operations for carrying out the following activities:

  • Co-mingled, nitrified fluids
  • Foam clean-outs
  • Purging pipelines and facilities
  • Inert operations
  • Drill-stem testing
  • Under-balanced perforating
  • Well displacements
  • Pressure testing

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