Wireline Services

Since 1993, MBPS provides wire-line units for oil & gas exploration. These units are fully equipped to provide services like memory production logging tools, data acquisition and zone changing.

Wireline comes as a 0.108 and 0.125 inch standard size that can be changed to any other standard size to meet the equirements of ‘downhole’ conditions. All instruments are regularly test, calibrated and inspection under strict quality control conditions to ensure both integrity and readiness of the unit.


  • These units are designed to work in the extreme temperature, weather and terrain besides the rigours of transportation over thousands of kilometers
  • Integrated crane & winch allowing maximum versatility during rig up and down operations
  • Fully integrated safety cut outs
  • Independent Zone II Power Pack
  • Air compressor
  • Hydraulic BOP operation (wellhead control panel)
  • Ex-PVC zone-rated computer recorder for analysis of depth, speed, time and pull
  • Closed circuit hydraulics for maximum control
  • Hydraulic / air start


  • Interchangeable drums
  • Complete complement of running & pulling tools
  • Workshop
  • Tool chest
  • Kick over tools
  • Safety equipment
  • Universal pulling tools
  • Heavy duty fishing tools
  • Power jars
  • Bridge plugs


These systems include Memory Production and Logging Multi-Finger Callipers and pressure surveys. EDAS are not just cost-effective but also save a lot of time in terms of diagnostic and reservoir monitoring needs. This expertise is fully customizable and can be extended to vertical, horizontal and slickline well bore applications (on Coiled Tubing).

The report package is also customized, and includes traditional AAPI strip logs, comprehensive bound reports with multipurpose interpretation.


This includes Production/Injection Profiles, Leak Detection Logs, Gas Lift Surveys, and a variety of other diagnostic procedures that can be provide E-line (Electrical line) quality logs can be obtained at very cost effective prices.


These surveys include long-term build up/draw down tests, and are conducted by specialized personnel and equipment. Full analysis services are available with the industry-best standard software, quartz crystal capacitance and sapphire gauges with highly accurate analysis.

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